We are excited to bring you the best in online dance competitions! Submit routines into one of our virtual events to compete alongside dancers from around the world including: USA, Canada, Australia & more. Our mission is to inspire and educate the future generation of dancers with detailed personalized critiques including exceptional technical feedback and motivation. Our adjudicators are highly sought after industry professionals who are eager to share their knowledge with students from around the world. We believe that educational feedback is the best award a student can receive in the dance industry and strive to provide this for all routines.

Each entry is eligible for a chance to win overall mailed awards, FREE master classes & cash prizes.

Deadline to register for our upcoming competition is June 11. Hurry before we're SOLD OUT!




Novice - 1st year competing

Pre-Comp - 6 hours or less

Comp - 7 hours or more

*Training hours based on normal circumstances


Mini - 9 & under

Junior - 10 to 12 years

Teen - 13 to 15 years

Senior - 16 & over

*Age taken as of Jan 1, 2021


Solo - 1 dancer

Duet/Trio - 2-3 dancers

Small Group - 4-9 dancers

Large Group - 10-15 dancers

Line - 16+ dancers

*No time limits


Hip Hop




Song & Dance  

Musical Theatre







Improv *Music provided



overall winners


  • 3 Professional Judges Critiques with Video and Voice Recording

  • Printable Personalized E-Certificate with Score & Placement (ex. Industri Award 1st)

  • Personalized Scoresheet

  • 1 FREE Pre-Recorded Stretch & Strength Class

  • Eligibility for Overalls, Judges Choice, Specials & Ambassadorships

  • Live Streamed Event to watch ALL routines!

  • All of the general entry prizes

  • 3 FREE Pre-Recorded Master Classes in a variety of styles from leading choreographers

  • Mailed Overall Award with Placement (ex. 1st Overall Junior Solo) and Printable Overall E-Certificate

  • Cash Prizes for Highest Scoring Routine (each training category)

  • Live Streamed Awards

  • *Specials receive a mailed card without classes



IDC - 95+

Industri - 92.0-94.9

Diamond - 88.0-91.9

Platinum - 87.9 & under

*60% Technique & Performance

*40% Choreography & Style

Overall Awards

Top Solos

Top Duet/Trios

Top Small Groups

Top Large Groups

Top Lines

Highest Scoring

*Per category

Judges Choice

Top Choreography

Top Style

Most Entertaining

Most Potential

Ambassador Picks

Special Awards

*Subject to registration



The judging panel at IDC has been pre-screened and selected based on their training, professional experience and teaching knowledge. We believe that a well-balanced judge must not only have a long list of accomplishments but also understand how to coach and mentor the next generation. We strive to rotate our judges for each event and are constantly adding new talent! This provides you the opportunity to enter the same routines multiple times with a fresh set of eyes.

Hover or double click on each adjudicator to see their bios!



"We've done this twice now and both times were great fun! It's a great way to get feedback from 3 judges and see dances from outside your state/region. Industri has (by far) the easiest and clearest online awards presentation we've seen- slides with clear print and can be replayed! They send you fun social media graphics to post for awards as well. Thanks Industri Dance Challenge!"

Tracy Doll Lee - Oregon, USA




*You do not have to be present to perform on the given dates. All videos are pre-recorded and streamed.

Deadline to register for our upcoming competition is June 11. Hurry before we're SOLD OUT!

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