We are excited to bring you the best in online dance feedback! Our mission is to inspire and educate the future generation of dancers with detailed personalized critiques including exceptional technical feedback and motivation. We believe that educational feedback is the best award a student can receive in the dance industry and strive to provide this for all submissions.

We offer two options:


Video submission of routines to gain feedback before hitting the stage or competing virtually. Gain an edge on the competition.


Video submission of dance exercises to receive one-on-one feedback increasing your technical progression. Reach your potential.

Videos can be submitted from past competitions, recitals, showcases, in-studio or home recordings (inside and outside). There are no time limits. 


Each routine receives a 10-30 minute professional judge's critique with video and voice recording. Guaranteed start-stop freeze frames, in-depth corrections, specialized exercises, positive feedback and encouragement! 

Receive your critique within 3-5 business days of uploading.



"My daughter and I were both so impressed by the detail of the critique! The adjudicator balanced the helpful comments with the compliments so well and my daughter feels better about going forward with this solo. She was feeling less confident in her performance and this critique helped a lot!"

Erica Wheeler - Prince Edward Island, Canada


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