What is it?

A virtual competition for solos only! This event will be a title competition vying for the 2021 Industri Miss and Mr Titles.

When is it?

July 9-11, 2021 - Deadline for registration and submission is July 2, 2021.

Each entry receives?

Each entry will receive: 3 Judge's Critiques, Scoresheet, E-Certificate and FREE Stretch & Strength Class. Each entry will be live-streamed!

Title winners receive?

The top dancers will be announced in the Novice/Pre-Comp and Competitive categories in each age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior). The Title Ceremony will be live-streamed on the last day of the event. Winners will receive a mailed award, FREE standard critique for next season and cash prizes. Each title winner will also receive a 2021 Title Jacket. *Subject to registration.

what other awards are there?

Routines are eligible to place in their category's Title Placements where we award 25% of solos! There will also be Judges Choice Awards and Specials.


Can you enter more than 1 solo?

Yes! We do not limit the number of solos you can enter.

Do you need to qualify at a regional event?

No! You do not have to have entered a past Industri competition to compete in our Nationals event. Anyone can register.