What is it?

A virtual competition for solos only! This event will be a title competition vying for the 2021 Industri Titles.

When is it?

July 9-11, 2021 - Deadline for registration and submission is July 2, 2021.

Each entry receives?

Each entry will receive: 3 Judge's Critiques, Scoresheet, E-Certificate and FREE Stretch & Strength Class. Each entry will be live-streamed!

Title winners receive?

The top dancers will be announced in the Novice/Pre-Comp and Competitive categories in each age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior). The Title Ceremony will be live-streamed on the last day of the event. Winners will receive a mailed award, FREE standard critique for next season and cash prizes. Each title winner will also receive a 2021 Title Jacket. *Subject to registration.

what other awards are there?

Routines are eligible to place in their category's Title Placements. There will also be Judges Choice Awards and Specials.


Can you enter more than 1 solo?

Yes! We do not limit the number of solos you can enter.

Do you need to qualify at a regional event?

No! You do not have to have entered a past Industri competition to compete in our Nationals event. Anyone can register.