How It Works for Competitions

1. Visit our competition dates on our homepage and take note of which competition you'd like to register for (ex. Comp #1 on June 27-28, 2020)

2. Register the number of routines you'd like to enter by paying online. All routines have the same price. 

3. You will receive a confirmation email. After paying, email to confirm which competition (number and date) you'd like to be registered for and send along your videos. Videos can be sent by email, Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube link. Please ensure to include the following for each routine:

  • title of routine

  • category (comp 1 or 2)

  • age (mini, junior, teen or senior)

  • style

  • size (solo, duet/trio, small, large, line)

4. Your videos will be sent to our adjudicators for scoring and critiques.

5. All participants will receive a preliminary schedule 3 days prior to the event. A final schedule will be emailed and posted on our website the night before. 

6. Tune in to our livestream on the first day of competition to watch all routines!

7. Overall awards will be presented at our Awards Ceremony on the Sunday at 7:00pm EST. Tune in to our Twitch to see if you've placed! Each routine will be provided with 3 judges critiques, a scoresheet and e-certificate. Overall awards will be presented with a MAILED award, e-certificate and 3 FREE online classes. All will be awarded within 7 business days of the Awards Ceremony (mailed items may be subject to a delay).

Please Note: Competition dates and training hours are separate. Both Comp 1 (6 hours or less) and Comp 2 (7 hours or more) can register for each event.